Shawna Gurgul

Picked up a bottle of the Tumeric Garlic Salt at the SCS farmers market and it is amazing. So flavorful, you only need a tiny bit. So far, have used it in burgers, on chicken, grilled potatoes, grilled shrimp and to make garlic butter… My husband raves about it! Wonderful products, I will definitely try more.

Kimberly Sheill Romanosky

Just purchased the garlic turmeric and Meyer lemon salts. They are amazing. I add the Meyer lemon salt to salads and no longer need to use any dressing- it’s phenomenal. Looking forward to trying new flavors.

Anthony Mannino

I can honestly say, I use Lot’s Wyfe salt in every meal I make. They are a great way to add more flavor to any dish! I have about 8 flavors, each is so unique and tasty. Whether I am adding Cilantro Lime salt to a batch of guacamole or sprinkling some Garlic Turmeric salt on a chicken breast for some zip, I always find myself reaching for this high quality product.

Jennifer Connelly

I absolutely LOVE your gourmet salts! I add the garlic turmeric salt to almost everything. I really enjoy the variety of salts, though!! You have a lifelong customer.

Todd Mckay

Look no further in the world of salts. Lot’s Wyfe salts are the top of the line, with taste and variety like no other. One of my top favorite flavors is the Garlic Turmeric.

Belinda Cole

I tried one of the salts and it is truly amazing. Garlic & Turmeric ….WOW! That was all I needed for my chicken. Cannot wait to try another one.

Heather Damron

Absolutely AMAZING flavors.. i put these salts on everything i cook!! The Garlic Turmeric salt is my favorite!

Yoon Jung Pender

“Salt is GOOD, but if the SALT becomes tasteless, how shall you season it? Have SALT in yourselves, and be at PEACE(completeness, fulfillment) among one another.” -Yeshua HaMashaich-Thank you for providing the best SALT!

Katie Jo Johnston

I love your salts!!! My fiancé and I put them on everything from pizza to chicken pot pies to chocolates. So excited to see new additions!