I can honestly say, I use Lot’s Wyfe salt in every meal I make. They are a great way to add more flavor to any dish! I have about 8 flavors, each is so unique and tasty. Whether I am adding Cilantro Lime salt to a batch of guacamole or sprinkling some Garlic Turmeric salt on a chicken breast for some zip, I always find myself reaching for this high quality product..

Anthony Mannino / Facebook

Just purchased the garlic turmeric and Meyer lemon salts. They are amazing. I add the Meyer lemon salt to salads and no longer need to use any dressing- it’s phenomenal. Looking forward to trying new flavors.

Kimberly Romanosky / Facebook

Picked up a bottle of the Tumeric Garlic Salt at the SCS farmers market and it is amazing. So flavorful, you only need a tiny bit. So far, have used it in burgers, on chicken, grilled potatoes, grilled shrimp and to make garlic butter… My husband raves about it! Wonderful products, I will definitely try more.

Shawna Gurgul / Facebook

luv all her salts, cooking, even i gargled one with meyer lemon hints ginger salt, when i got sore throat. Got to try!

Mei-Mei Chaw / Facebook

Absolutely AMAZING flavors.. i put these salts on everything i cook!! The Garlic Turmeric salt is my favorite!

Heather Damron / Facebook

Purchased the Meyer Lemon with Hint of Ginger, just love it. Now to build a collection.

Lisa Thomas / Facebook

“Salt is GOOD, but if the SALT becomes tasteless, how shall you season it? Have SALT in yourselves, and be at PEACE(completeness, fulfillment) among one another.” -Yeshua HaMashaich-Thank you for providing the best SALT!

Yoon Jung Pender / Facebook

I tried one of the salts and it is truly amazing. Garlic & Turmeric ….WOW! That was all I needed for my chicken. Cannot wait to try another one.

Belinda Cole / Facebook