So who is Lot’s Wyfe?

Ruth Mossok Johnston – Chef and Cookbook Author aka The Salty Wench.  Ruth is also the Owner of Feed Me Heartfully, LLC – and her Website by the same name, includes a Food Blog.

As an elementary school student, Ruth went independently to the Burger Basket Diner near school for her mid-day meal twice a week. At eight years old, she was honing her restaurant reviewing skills for future experiences, while her mother volunteered at Fitzgerald School helping the blind students twice a week at lunch time.

Comfortable in an environment with mostly adults, Ruth, an only child, eagerly experienced these lunchtime outings sitting at the counter with a variety of guests – preparing for her future culinary endeavors. Ruth’s mother, Estelle, a former New Yorker, still maintained significant roots in NYC.

Ruth and her mother frequented New York several times a year, and at times, Ruth was sent on her own to the Big Apple, while her parents traveled. Even as a young child, she loved running down streets near Park Avenue alone and purchasing chestnuts and other edibles from the street vendors prior to going out to dinner with Tanta Cecile. The restaurant options in New York were diverse and fine dining became a favorite.

Ruth’s father, Joe Mossok, co-owned a Potato Chip Company in Detroit – she was thrown into the food arena at an early age…but it was that first Peanut Stuffed Lobster at the Clam Shop in Downtown Detroit that reeled her in, along with Julia Child and Graham Kerr, prodding her culinary interest on TV and later, in real life. Ruth remains close to Graham Kerr.

Dining, writing, experimentation, along with cooking classes – rounded out her culinary experiences. Her first original recipe was written when she was 13 years old. Ruth had the opportunity to study with an Asian Cook who owned a Chinese grocery store in the early 70’s. Culinary coursework followed.

Along a creative and diverse career path, she found her way to the kitchen and on to Food Columns, TV, Restaurant Reviewing, TV Food Network, Special In-person Guest Appearances, Recipe Development, Consulting, Culinary Education, Publishing, and Product Development.

For the past 30 years, Ruth has concentrated on delicious food, health/nutrition, and interesting diverse ethnic cuisine. You will often find her testing and developing recipes for cookbooks and salts in her 1840 Greek Revival Michigan Farm House with her artist husband, David McCall Johnston, and 3 dogs. Her chickens are happily out in their coops but certainly part of the family.

Special food-related childhood dreams turned reality for this Salty Wench – and now it remains, all about SALT!

If you are familiar with the Bible, Lot’s Wife has quite a different background – the moral of that story – DON’T LOOK BACK!

One of Ruth’s mantras has always been – “Don’t Look back, there is no Future in it”… Lot’s Wyfe, as a business name, made perfect sense on every level.